“That’s the strategy Samuels is employing, with a relentless, Ted Lasso–like optimism.”

Perhaps not coincidentally, Ben Samuels is running for the seat on a message of economic growth. On a recent Zoom call, he wore a confident smile as he told me about his upbeat vision for the metro area’s economic future. “There’s a lot of really wonderful things happening in St. Louis,” he said, going on to list the ways in which the Gateway City has the potential to rise again as an economic powerhouse. “In terms of entrepreneurship and biotech, medical innovation, and agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship, that is exciting, and has the potential to bring jobs and opportunity and people to the city and back to the region,” he said.

In the meantime, Democratic candidates will have to campaign on visions of what their local economies could be with the right policies. That’s the strategy Samuels is employing, with a relentless, Ted Lasso–like optimism. St. Louis can thrive economically, he told me, by “making sure that we’re investing in the infrastructure that we have, investing in the entrepreneurship, investing in manufacturing and auto manufacturing, and investing in community college and rescaling programs that make sure that people have the skills in technology and manufacturing, to make sure that their skills are relevant in the modern workforce.”

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