Bringing opportunity back to the St. Louis region

Bringing Jobs Back To The St. Louis Region

Ben knows we must do more to make the St. Louis area an even better place to live, work, and raise a family. That starts with bringing jobs back to our region and supporting small business owners.

Ben understands the challenges of growing a business first hand. While working in the private sector, first for a technology start-up and then for Mastercard, he led hiring efforts, helped open new offices, and grew the business. As an economic policy expert in the public sector, he worked with Democratic and Republican lawmakers to create jobs and help get Americans back to work.

Economic challenges and lack of job opportunities have created a crisis for the St. Louis area. In 1950, St. Louis was the eighth-largest city in the United States. Today, St. Louis is 69th. Over the last decade, of the 50 largest metro areas in the United States, St. Louis, as the 47th fastest-growing region, is right at the bottom.

Ben believes we can, and need to, do better than that. In her more than 30 years in politics, Ann Wagner has done nothing to create jobs or bring growth back to Missouri. People know the status quo isn’t working.

Ben has experience creating jobs and opportunity, and as the next Congressman from Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District, Ben plans to bring people and jobs back to our region.

Small Business Growth and Entrepreneurship

Ben comes from a family of St. Louis entrepreneurs—both of his grandfathers worked in the shoe business and his grandmother started her own travel agency in an era where few women had the opportunities to run their own business. He wants to create the jobs of the future right here in Missouri, and that starts with investing in our small businesses and supporting entrepreneurship in the 2nd Congressional District.

Ben knows how hard the pandemic has been for many small businesses, and worked first-hand on initiatives to help get people back to work and help small business owners recover during the pandemic. In Washington, he’ll continue to advocate for small business owners and entrepreneurs, and will work hard to make sure businesses throughout the region have the resources they need to grow and thrive.

Raising Wages For Working Missourians

Ben believes that everyone working full-time deserves a living wage to support themselves and their family, whether or not they have a college degree. In the St. Louis area, that means raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Working Missourians are long overdue for a raise, and a minimum wage increase could lift 900,000 Americans out of poverty.

Ben also recognizes that technology and automation are rapidly changing the nature of work, and supports working with our schools, community colleges, universities, and labor unions to expand reskilling programs so every Missourian has the opportunity to access high-paying jobs.

Auto Manufacturing

Because of our central location and well-trained, competitive workforce, Missouri boasts a robust automotive industry. Studies show that every auto manufacturing job in Missouri creates another 4.7 jobs on average, making it a critical part of our state’s economy.

Ben wants to build on Missouri’s existing industry and position Missouri as a leader for auto manufacturing for decades to come. By working to modernize our existing manufacturing infrastructure, supporting training opportunities for Missouri workers who want to build skills in the auto industry, and investing in electric vehicles and other technologies, Ben sees an opportunity to create secure jobs for working families in the St. Louis area and across Missouri, while putting our state center stage in the fight against climate change.