Public Safety

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their community. Ben knows that rising crime rates impact families across the St. Louis region, and in Congress, he will prioritize making our communities safer and more prosperous.

Ben knows that police play an important role in public safety, and he will work to make sure that police have the resources that they need to keep our communities safe. He also recognizes that police and law enforcement must do more to work with the communities that they protect, especially Black communities and communities of color, to craft police policy that works for all of us.

In addition, Ben will work to make the St. Louis area a better, safer place to live by investing in our schools, housing, and transportation systems.

When St. Louis is safer, we all have a chance to prosper. And that is a critical part of bringing jobs and people to St. Louis and back to St. Louis—Democrat or Republican, Ben knows that we all need to focus on ways to rise above partisanship and keep communities safe.