Health Care

Ben believes that all Americans have a right to quality, affordable health care. No one should have to go bankrupt or take on debt to pay for life-saving medicine or treatment.

In Washington, Ben will fight to:

  • Lower drug prices. No corporation should be able to corner the market on insulin and arbitrarily jack up the price—that does nothing to boost innovation, and all too often can devastate families financially and in terms of their health.
  • Invest in medical innovation, especially here in St. Louis, to create jobs, save lives, and improve people’s quality of life.
  • Allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices.
  • Uphold the will of the voters in Missouri, who voted to expand Medicaid access in 2020.
  • Invest in mental health and wellness, especially for vulnerable communities.
  • Bring Missourians better and more compassionate responses to opioid addiction and treatment.
  • Invest in treatment for and prevention of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Six million people in the United States have dementia, a number that is expected to increase to 14 million by 2050. Treatments and interventions now improve the lives of seniors and their families.