Fixing Our Broken Political System

In Washington, Ben will fight for a democracy that represents all of us as voters. That means:

  • An end to dark money in politics. Ben knows that to bring honesty and decency back to our politics, we must address the corrupting influence that money has on our political system. He will work to end the flood of undisclosed money into campaigns by forcing “dark money” organizations to disclose their donors and limit their ability to buy elections for a politician.
  • An end to politicians using Congress for personal profit. Too often, members of Congress use their positions to profit by buying and selling stock on information the public doesn’t have. Members of Congress need to put their assets in blind trusts—they should be working for their constituents, not using their position of power to profit.
  • An end to politicians drawing their own districts. Politicians should not be able to choose their own voters; voters should be able to choose their representatives in government. Gerrymandering is corrosive to our democracy and prevents Missouri voters across the political spectrum from making their voices heard. It’s a problem we’ve seen in red states like Texas and in blue states like Illinois—it’s unfair no matter where it’s happening. Ben believes we need to end gerrymandering by setting up independent, non-partisan commissions like the ones Missourians voted for in 2018. That creates fairer and more representative districts, not more “safe” seats for politicians.
  • Securing voting rights for every American citizen. The right to vote is sacred and protecting it is a fundamental part of preserving our democracy. But across the country, an increasing number of states are making it difficult for American citizens to cast their ballots. Ben believes our democracy is strongest when we encourage all Americans to make their voices heard. In Congress, Ben will fight to make access to the ballot box safe, secure, and easy for all American citizens by advocating for same-day registration, expanded early voting, improved access for voters with disabilities, and safeguards against voter intimidation.