Energy and Environment

Energy and Utility Costs

Rising energy prices means less money in the pockets of Missourians. Ben recognizes that with the right leadership, Missouri is poised to lead the country towards a modern energy grid that will lower our monthly utility bills, create jobs, and improve our quality of life.

Right now, Missouri consumes eight times as much energy as it produces. There are smarter and more cost-effective ways to power our state. Today, it is cheaper to build and operate a new wind farm than to run Missouri’s existing coal plants. As renewable energy technology improves and the cost continues to rapidly decrease, transitioning away from coal and to renewable sources will save our families money, create good-paying jobs, and help keep all Missourians healthy.

Climate Change

Ben believes in the global scientific consensus that climate change is real, and it’s here. If rapid action isn’t taken the effects will worsen and impact the lives of more and more people. Already, Missourians are experiencing more flooding, more extreme weather, and tougher conditions for our farmers

Ben has experience working with Democrats and Republicans to tackle climate change, leading an multi-state effort alongside 13 governors to address climate change, invest in our infrastructure, lower our transportation costs, and create jobs. He knows first-hand how to work across the aisle to tackle the most pressing issue we face as a planet today.

In Washington, Ben will fight for pragmatic solutions that will create jobs for Missourians and all Americans, while leading the aggressive action needed to combat this crisis.

Public Health

In part because of soot and smog from coal-fired power plants, St. Louis is the 5th-most challenging place to live for people with asthma west of the Mississippi River. The burden of pollution is disproportionately borne by working families and by communities of color. Moving towards cleaner power production and cleaner vehicles doesn’t just create jobs and save money—it keeps us healthier and improves our quality of life.

Ben wants to fight for clean air because we have to be doing more to reduce the incidence of childhood asthma and other respiratory illnesses. That’s especially true right now as we continue to battle COVID-19.

Protecting Our Public Lands

Ben loves road tripping and visiting our National Parks. America’s natural beauty is one of our best assets, and Ben will work hard to make sure that we’re preserving our parks, our campgrounds, and our public lands for generations to come.