Digital Innovation, Digital Privacy, and Cybersecurity

Ben knows that in many cases, laws have not caught up to the needs of the modern economy. As a younger candidate with a background in technology and entrepreneurship, Ben is well suited to lead the charge and bring a fresh and long-overdue perspective to Congress on pressing issues around technology.


In Congress, Ben will work to keep you and the U.S. government safe from hackers and from foreign adversaries by:

  • Creating training programs to place workers in cybersecurity roles and help them build long-lasting careers. Cybersecurity is a growing and essential industry with nearly 500,000 open positions in the United States. 
  • Strengthening federal efforts to prevent and prosecute ransomware, and empower agencies like CISA to assist small businesses in protecting their digital assets, employees, and customers. Ransomware is an increasing risk for our community, and threatens businesses, schools, and hospitals.
  • Protecting encryption and resisting mandatory “backdoors” that can be abused by private companies or rogue government agents. Strong “end-to-end” encryption is critical to everything we do online—from texting with your family to e-commerce—to keep you safe, protect your finances and your privacy, and protect your First Amendment rights. 
  • Cracking down on the sale of cellphone location data. Companies shouldn’t be able to sell trackers to the highest bidder.

As people start taking the risks and threats of data security more seriously, states have started taking action. The challenge is that the United States has an increasingly patchwork set of laws, and in Congress, Ben will work to create a single, nationwide privacy framework.

Access to Modern Banking

Ben believes that all Missourians deserve affordable, fair access to our banking system. But nearly a quarter of Missourians don’t have adequate access to a bank, forcing people into high-cost alternative financial services like payday loans that trap people into cycles of long-term debt. And many more Missourians who do use traditional banks get hit with unforeseen overdraft fees and late fees.

At the same time, laws have not caught up with new technology and modern banking. Ben will fight for modern banking infrastructure that protects consumers, creates jobs, and promotes innovation by:

  • Ensuring that more Americans, especially working-class families, have access to banking and credit. 
  • Modernizing regulation to account for the uses and growth of digital currencies.
  • Working to keep citizens, especially seniors, safe from the increasing risk of theft and fraud.
  • Promoting innovation, including by continuing to test paycheck-cashing services through the USPS.

Ben knows that we need to modernize government services to make sure that people can do more online, rather than waiting in long lines at government offices.

Risks in the Modern World

American corporations hold some of the most valuable IP on the planet and, today, are being asked to protect it against attacks from foreign nation states actors, particularly China and Russia. Ben will work with the public and private sector to ensure that Americans have the defense, resources, and training needed to address these threats.

As our lives and economies move more and more online, cyberspace becomes a critical vector for national security, and Ben will shore up defenses of our essential digital infrastructure (power grid, banking, etc.) to protect our communities and our country.