St. Louis Post-Dispatch: There are Reasons to be Optimistic if Those in the Middle Can Prevail

There is a lot to be pessimistic about in politics today, with 85% percent of Americans believing that we’re headed in the wrong direction as a country. Only 41% of Americans feel safe at their polling place. Globally, faith in democracy is in rapid decline, especially among people under age 40.

I feel this personally. I ended my run for Congress after the state Legislature drew my residence out of the Second District I was running in — hijinks I suspect designed to reduce competitive and representative elections. Voters told me time and again that bipartisanship and decency is what they feel are most missing in politics. Hardly anyone agrees completely with the platform of one political party or the other. But around the country, we are seeing that it’s harder and harder for pragmatists to get elected.

I’ve seen that, in elections here and around the country over the past few weeks, candidates and their values still matter.

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